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    Learn how to exercise your BODY and MIND anywhere and anytime.
    At the office, on the bus or in bed.


    We have combined
    BODY AWARENESS techniques, BREATHING exercises, and ISOMETRIC STRENGTH training in this completely new way of working out your body, mind, and heart.


    MINDFUL STRENGTH is the ancient form of isometric strength training reinvented and adapted to fit our everyday urban lifestyle.


This is a strength and awareness program FOR EVERYONE, no matter your current physical condition.

Allowing optimal functional muscle development with a MINIMUM AMOUNT OF EFFORT.

Little to no props are needed so you can perform the exercises anywhere at any time.
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How isometric training
changed my life.


The secret to true strength development is all about BODY AWARENESS during maximum load of a joint.

A large part of this program is focused on providing you MINDFULNESS TOOLS specific to developing body awareness.

During this program, you will gain MUSCLE STRENGTH and overall control of your body while improving your ability to relax by sensing previously unconscious MUSCLE TENSIONS.

To be able to willfully RELAX a muscle you first need to be able to willfully contract a muscle for an extended period.

BREATHING awareness is also developed as a crucial step during the program.
Performing these exercises throughout your day at work, for example, does not only save you time otherwise spent at the gym but also allows for a natural RE-CENTERING of your body, mind, and heart.

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An isometric contraction is when a muscle is contracted WITHOUT CHANGING THE MUSCLES LENGTH over a joint using either a immovable force of resistance or a movable force of resistance which often is provided using your own limbs or simple props like a belt.

Opposite to the more common dynamic muscle contractions used during TRADITIONAL WEIGHT TRAINING, where the muscles length is shortened over a joint and an external force of resistance is used like a dumbbell .

PROPERLY PERFORMED isometric contractions promote optimal development of the mind's ability to FOCUS while improving and strengthening physically the signaling path of the nervous system and CREATING MORE NERVE CONNECTIONS to the muscle we are contracting than any other form of strength training.


The Mindful Strength program combines body awareness from mindfulness and isometric strength training. How do the two parts relate to each other?

Mindfulness is about attending to what is happening, to what you are doing, feeling and experiencing. For our purpose it is mostly about body awareness which allows us to train our mind to consciously place our attention on an object, the body in this case and more specifically our muscles and their contraction. But also, our breathing which is affecting our health throughout the day but especially under stress, either controlled stress when working out but more importantly our everyday stress.

This has several advantages when it comes to physical training effectiveness and muscle development, but it also cultivates strength and flexibility of the mind. Our mind is like a muscle in the sense that it too requires exercise in the areas you want to develop and incorporating awareness training with your daily physical exercise gives both a synergy effect.

This is a simplification but basically our body is a feedback system with three parts. Our brain the computer, our nervous system which is the body’s information highway and finally our muscles. If any of these parts are underdeveloped the whole systems feedback efficiency is diminished which for the brain means less sensory feedback from states of tension/contraction or relaxation in the muscles and lowered response to relaxation or contraction instructions to muscles.

This means we have a harder time to sense or be aware of when we are tense in our muscles, and even if we are aware of the tension this means our ability to relax the muscles are hampered.

In the program we go further in to the details but basically the combination of mindful body awareness while performing an isometric contraction promotes optimal development of the minds ability to focus while improving and strengthening physically the signaling path of the nervous system creating more nerve connections to the muscle we are contracting than any other form of strength training.


Holistic Health Educator

Gabriel Andersson

Certified diet & nutrition therapist, health coach and urban medicine man.

On a mission to spread alternative health concepts and perspectives in order to help optimize your own physical, mental and emotional health.
His guiding principle is, through knowledge and the right life choices you can gift yourself with true health and prosperity.


During my years of practicing traditional weight training at the gym I slowly got reoccurring injuries in my knee, shoulder, and tendons which affected my daily life and ability to work out in the gym. I tried changing up my workout routines from heavier to lighter weights, amount of repetitions and type of exercises but my injuries still persisted.

In the end, I recalled hearing about isometric workouts on a podcast from a 66-year-old traveling fitness coach who lived his entire life on the road from his one small backpack. His only form of resistance training was utilizing isometric exercises, and all the props he used was a rope. He explained that the older he got the harder it was to avoid joint and tendon injuries when working out using traditional dynamic exercises but contrary to that isometrics was perfect in strengthening the joints and tendonds and he could work out anywhere since he did not need a gym or heavy weights to do his isometric routine.

This made me dive deep into all about isometric contraction training. I quickly found out that there is no good information out there summarizing what does and does not work when it comes to isometrics. So the last four years I have been on a mission to find out myself what works and what the long term effects of isometric training are. I was not sure to start with if it works at all but now it has successfully been part of my daily workout routine for several years. It also enhances my other daily practices consisting of yoga and meditation. Now I preach the benefits of isometric contraction training at every chance I get.


  • 1


    • Welcome to the Mindful Strength program

  • 2

    History and studies of isometric contractions

    • The history of isometric contraction training 1

    • The history of isometric contraction training 2

    • 20th century strongmen and isometrics

    • The first isometric breakthrough study following the great war

    • WWII veterans isometric rehabilitation study

    • Recent studies conducted on isometric contraction training

    • Isometric contraction vs Dynamic contraction

    • Yielding VS Overcoming isometric contractions

    • How does isometric contractions work?

    • Injury benefits of isometric training

    • So why doesn't more people work out using isometric contractions?

  • 3

    Breakdown of the Mindful Strength technique

    • Body awareness

    • Mindset before your workout

    • Breathing technique

    • Isometric contraction technique

    • Summary: How to perform isometric contractions

    • Mindfulness and isometrics

    • Guided bodyscan meditation

    • Pranayama

    • How is your breathing?

    • Ujjayi breathing technique

    • Kumbhaka breath retention

  • 4


    • Biceps brachii muscle

    • Triceps brachii muscle

    • Triceps and biceps muscle combo

    • Pectoralis muscle

    • Trapezius and rhomboid muscles

    • Rotator cuff

    • Deltoid / Shoulder muscle

    • Latissimus dorsi back muscles

    • Neck contractions

    • Abdominal muscles

    • Wall squat

    • Quadriceps muscles

    • Hamstring muscles

    • Calf muscles

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