This is a strength and awareness program suited everyone, no matter your current physical condition.
Allowing optimal functional muscle development with a minimum amount of effort.
Little to no props are needed so you can perform the exercises anywhere at any time.

The secret to true strength development is all about body awareness during maximum load of a joint.
So, a large part of this program is focused on providing you mindfulness tools specific to developing body awareness.
While you are gaining muscle strength and control of your body you will at the same time gain a greater ability to relax by sensing previously unconscious muscle tensions.
To be able to willfully relax a muscle you first need to be able to willfully contract a muscle for an extended period.

Breathing awareness is also developed as a crucial step during the program.
Performing these exercises throughout the day allows for a natural re-centering of your body, mind and heart.


  • 1
    • Welcome to the Mindful Strength program
    • Summary: How to perform isometric contractions
  • 2
    The science behind isometric contraction training
    • Studies conducted on isometric contraction training
    • Isometric contraction vs Dynamic contraction
    • Injury benefits of isometric training
  • 3
    Breakdown of the Mindful Strength technique
    • Body awareness
    • Mindset before your workout
    • Breathing technique
    • Isometric contraction technique
    • Strength and flexibility
    • Summary: How to perform isometric contractions
  • 4
    • Body scan
    • Pranayama breath exercises
    • How is your breathing?
    • • Ujjayi breathing technique
    • Kumbhaka breath retention technique
    • Biceps brachii muscle
    • Triceps brachii muscle
    • Triceps and biceps muscle combo
    • Pectoralis muscle
    • Trapezius and rhomboid muscles
    • Rotator cuff
    • Deltoid / Shoulder muscle
    • Latissimus dorsi back muscles
    • Neck contractions
    • Abdominal muscles
    • Wall squat
    • Quadriceps muscles
    • Hamstring muscles
    • Calf muscles