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What is Vitamin Power?


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Vitamin Power Program

    • Welcome to the Vitamin Power Program.

    • Diet and nutrition vs prescription medication

    • Dietary supplements, what are they?

    • Abbreviations, RDI, ODI, TDI and UI.

    • Local regulations on supplements.

    • Scientific studies.

    • RDI vs ODI

    • Why supplement?

    • How does nutrition deficiency affect you?

    • Stress. The nutrient killer.

    • Digestive issues and supplementing.

    • More benefits of supplementing.

    • How do you best analyze your nutrient deficits?

    • Binding form of supplements.

    • The problem with essential fatty acids.

    • How should YOU supplement?

  • 2

    Ultimate Vitamin Guide

    • Download your Ultimate Vitamin guide here.